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Whether you’re shipping earrings or pre-fabricated homes, Four Star Cargo is your one-stop shop for international cargo shipment. Working with both businesses and individuals, Four Star Cargo expertly handles shipping packages of any size, regardless of destination, while ensuring our customers have the latest tracking information. Partnering with Four Star Cargo for your international shipping needs guarantees your cargo is in good hands.

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Our superior service, logistics expertise, and over three decades of experience have led Four Star Cargo to become a leading resource for international shipping. There is never an item too large or small for Four Star Cargo. Contact us today to experience our four star service first hand!

At Four Star Cargo, we ship nearly anything you can imagine! Whether you need to ship a live animal or a school bus, we’ve got you covered!

For three decades, our longstanding relationship with businesses, projects and individuals has led Four Star Cargo to specialize in shipments to the Caribbean and worldwide destinations by air or sea. We have sales personnel who work closely with our operations team to ensure all shipments arrive safely and on time.

Entrusting your cargo to any company requires confidence in their ability to provide safe, timely shipping options to the destination of your choice.
For 30 years, our customers return because we consistently deliver the following:
Competitive Pricing
By being aware of the industry, logistics, and dynamics of international relationships, we’re able to offer our customers competitive pricing on both air and sea freight.
Multiple Freight Options
We offer reliable, fast shipping by sea and next day delivery to most worldwide destinations by air. Do you have a special circumstance requiring rail or motor transport? We’ll help with that as well. Nationwide Cargo Pick-up System!
Our platform is easy to work with, automated, and very customer friendly. We send out e-mail notifications as cargo arrives at our warehouse, and again during transport. The work we do in advance on the front end of the shipment ensures Export and Import documentation will be correct as it arrives at destination for Customs clearance.
Four Star Cargo is an asset-based logistics provider which owns most of the assets necessary to run a customer’s supply chain. These assets include trucks, warehouses, forklifts, and customer service centers to help control your transport.
Choosing Four Star Cargo provides you with peace of mind throughout the process. We don’t simply take your items and place them on a carrier; we manage the process and are available to troubleshoot any situation. For your protection, we offer comprehensive insurance covering loss and damage.
We like to say “yes.” Like most people seeking a reliable shipping company, you’ve probably experienced a decent amount of frustration after being told “no” to international shipping questions. At Four Star Cargo, we strive to say “yes” if at all possible (we’ll even take care of the legwork).

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us for more information.